It’s probably every photographer’s wish to have a book published. Working on a book project, from the concept stage, through the design, the proofing, till inhaling the smell of ink while holding a newly printed and bound copy, is pure magic.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have published half a dozen photo books of my work and, with Visionary World, the publishing company I founded in Hong Kong, five more books with work by very talented artists.


The market for illustrated books has changed over the years, the internet has made an impact, like on so many artist’s endeavours. Yet I am convinced that when it comes to presenting and appreciating good photography nothing beats an expertly crafted book.

Most of the books published over the years are still in print, some have become bestsellers, all have received wide acclaim. Take a look below and where applicable you can follow a link to the book’s page on amazon.

I hope I can continue publishing books for a long time to come. My head is still full of ideas!



I published my first book in 1997. It was a collection of the first 100 postcards I had made of Vietnam, a country I had come to in 1991 and had started to live in 1995. The book was printed and bound in Vietnam and can still be found in local stores. Photographs and text by Hans Kemp.

Photo books panorama by Hans Kemp