An ode to the motorbikes of Vietnam, to the industrious drivers who balance incredible loads on their little Honda Cub and navigate skilfully through wave after wave of thousands of other motorbikes. Bikes of Burden has become a cult classic, with over 100,000 copies in print in 4 languages (English, French, German and Japanese) and still going strong! Photographs and text by Hans Kemp.




A uniquely personal visual journey through Asia by photographer Hans Kemp
Stunning images accompanied by wonderfully descriptive text, bring the people and places of this fascinating continent alive

Ardent Eye is a stunning visual journey, recording the complex and colorful diversity that runs like a thread through South East Asia. Photographer Hans Kemp, who has lived and worked there for over 23 years, has shot some stunning visual images that beautifully capture the people and places of this fascinating continent. It provides an insight into the changes that have shaped this continent, the cultural and social traditions that remain and a glimpse of the future to come.
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An entirely personal account infused with a deep love and respect for a place and its people.

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