A look at the diversity of Asia through a collection of photographs portraying hands. Hands at work, planting rice, touching palms in prayer or bejewelled and decorated with henna according traditional wedding customs. Multiple contributors.




The Asia Unique series of books highlights the extraordinary diversity of Asia by focusing on one specific topic, photographed in its amazing variety by some of the finest travel photographers currently covering Asia. Throughout the books, inspirational quotes and proverbs from Asia, related to the specific book topic, compliment the stunning images.

A Chinese proverb says: “A helping hand makes a happy heart.” Hands are expressions of ourselves, measures by which we may be understood. Stretched out in acceptance or clenched in defiance, hands communicate our emotions. Weathered in the fields or immaculately manicured in the salon, they also reflect our lifestyles. Hands caress, pray, fight, dance, labor, greet, hug, hold, gesture, and help. Looking at hands across Asia is a journey of discovery, of stories untold. Asia Unique takes you by the hand to bring you the richness of this fascinating continent. Hands highlights the extraordinary diversity and character of hands across Asia, captured in 135 stunning color photographs and enriched by inspirational Asian quotes and proverbs related to hands.

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