A look at the diversity of Asia through a collection of photographs of the fishing methods practised across the continent. Stick fishermen in Sri Lanka, ingenious bamboo contraptions in Vietnam, and everywhere boats painted with eyes for protection. Multiple contributors.




The Asia Unique series of books highlights the extraordinary diversity of Asia by focusing on one specific topic, photographed in its amazing diversity by some of the finest travel photographers currently working in Asia. Throughout the books, inspirational quotes and proverbs from Asia, related to the specific book topic, compliment the stunning images.

Catch shows the many ways people across the continent go about catching fish. There is a Chinese proverb that says, “don’t stand by the water and long for fish; go home and weave a net.” Fishing has been one of man’s main pursuits throughout the ages. Asia’s oceans, lakes and rivers provide for a substantial part of people’s diets. Ingenious contraptions and clever devices have been constructed to gather a bountiful catch or simply to ensure there is food on the table. Nets come in all colors, shapes and sizes, rods short and long, bamboo traps, small enough to hold a handful of river crabs or over-sized to capture a catfish of monstrous proportions.

Catch highlights the extraordinary diversity of fishing methods across Asia; enriched by inspirational Asian quotes and proverbs related to the act of fishing. It is a wonderful photographic journey about those who make a living from the sea. Evocative images that illustrate the unique cultural traditions of Asia’s fishermen, from the quietly contemplative rod and line to the beautifully crafted boats. A fascinating insight.

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