Divine Encounters – Trade Edition

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“At a time when competitive visions for Asia’s future run rampant, ancient beliefs appear to fade away. In the concrete canyons of the region’s mega-cities, there is little room for gods and spirits. Or is there?

Hans Kemp takes us on an exquisite journey to the far side of faith. His epic, exuberant and exciting Divine Encounters provides rare glimpses into the esoteric nooks and crannies of Asia’s urban spaces, into the gods that inhabit far-flung jungles and into timeless rituals and ceremonies of local communities determined to maintain a bridge to the past that will help define and safeguard their future.”
Tom Vater, author of Sacred Skin – Thailand’s Spirit Tattoos

USD $ 79.00


The trade edition of Divine Encounters – Sacred Rituals and Ceremonies in Asia, is a large format hardcover book of 400 pages featuring 280 full color photographs reproduced to the highest offset printing standards depicting 14 different sacred ceremonies and rituals from all over Asia.

Each chapter starts with a short introduction explaining the background of the ceremony. Further details can be found in the extensive captions that accompany each photograph.
Suggestions for further reading encourage the interested reader to delve deeper into the subject matter.

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  • Hardcover: 400 pages, 280 full color photographs, embossed title on cover and spine
  • Publisher: Visionary World
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-988-14939-2-7
  • Product Dimensions: 25×33 centimeters (9.84×13″)
  • Product weight: 3 kg
  • All pre-ordered books will be personally signed by Hans Kemp

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