I love taking photographs. Have been doing it for most of my life. It has become my therapy. Curse and blessing connected in an eternal symbiotic embrace. I like being on the road. Was born a nomad. It’s the light I am after. Without light there are no shadows.
Without darkness who can tell you what light is? The nomad in me spurs me on. Tells me to keep looking, prays that whatever it is always remains just around the corner. Seemingly within grasp yet so utterly elusive.


As I take to the road, life gradually reveals itself. Life too, needs darkness, for it is what allows the light to shine through. My photographs are about life and light. About tirelessly turning corners. About encounters that transform us if we dare let it happen. About despair and hope. About this great, sad and beautiful world we live in. About you and me. About us.

Hans Kemp

Hans Kemp is an award winning Dutch photographer traveling and living in Asia for over 27 years. To date he has published six books, contributed to countless others, appeared in numerous magazine articles and worked for a wide variety of international clients.

His photographs are part of the permanent collection of Taiwan’s Fine Art Museum as well as other private collections.


  • Divine Encounters: Sacred Rituals and Ceremonies in Asia (2019)

  • Burmese Light (2013)

  • Carrying Cambodia (2010)

  • Ardent Eye (2005)

  • Bikes of Burden (2003)

  • Hoi An – On the Dragon’s back ( 2000)

  • Postcards from Vietnam (1998)


Caltex Vietnam,

Dutch Lady Vietnam (former Foremost Dairy Products),

Ernst & Young Vietnam,

Hoi An Hotel and Beach Resort,

Victoria Hotels,

Jardine Schindler Asia (Hong Kong),

Leighton Vietnam

Leo Burnett Vietnam,

McCann Erickson Vietnam,

Nestle Vietnam,

Pilgrimage Village Resort Vietnam,

Price Waterhouse Coopers Vietnam,

Tiger Beer,

TRP foundation Vietnam,

Talisman Oil

Panorama photo with Hans Kemp