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Now on Instagram - photography by Hans Kemp

Winner of the Silver Medal in the Photography Category, Independent Publisher Book Awards 2020.

Independent Publisher Book Awards 2020 - Hans Kemp


Hans Kemp’s seventh photo book, Divine Encounters: Sacred Rituals and Ceremonies in Asia, is out now. The first reviews are in and unanimously praise the book.

Inspirational and highly motivating.
Art Wolfe – Renowned photographer of over 100 books and TV host of Art Wolfe’s Travels to the Edge

An exquisite journey to the far side of faith.
Tom Vater, author of Sacred Skin – Thailand’s Spirit Tattoos

A magnificent photographic tribute to Asia’s spirituality.
Kevin B. Turner, author of Sky Shamans of Mongolia: Meetings with Remarkable Healers
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Kemp takes the viewer centre-stage to the drama with terrific photography that somehow manages to get right into the faces–and souls–of the participants.
Michael Buckley, author of Meltdown in Tibet

For readers who are sure to spend hours in the vibrant collection of photos.
The Kyoto Journal

This is art. Savor it and be dazzled.
Janet Brown, author of Tone Deaf in Bangkok

Every shot is bursting with colour and spectacle.
The Bangkok Post

This is a monumental work in every way — 400 pages packed with provocative images, providing a fascinating and intimate portrayal of some of Asia’s most unusual festivals and rituals.
The Nikkei Asian Review

Now on Instagram - photography by Hans Kemp


For book lovers who appreciate a finely crafted piece of art that will only appreciate in value over the years,
there is the limited edition of Divine Encounters.


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Portrait photography of photographer Hans Kemp
Hans Kemp Photography In Vietnam
Hans Kemp Photography In Nagaland


Award winning Dutch photographer and publisher Hans Kemp has been photographing all corners of Asia for over three decades. His iconic photography has appeared in countless magazines and coffee-table books and continues to enthrall a worldwide audience

Hans first arrived in Asia in 1986 at the start of what turned out to be an 18-month sojourn before finally taking the Trans Siberian train from Beijing to Moscow and then onwards to the Netherlands. The nomadic bug had firmly entrenched itself however and Hans soon found himself back in Asia guiding tour groups across the Karakoram Highway from Northern Pakistan into China’s Xinjiang province and onwards into Tibet.

Establishing a base in Hong Kong in the early 1990’s allowed Hans to develop his photography skills, traversing and capturing Asia in iconic images published in a wide variety of international magazines and books. He pioneered the creation of quality postcards in Vietnam and founded the illustrated book publisher Visionary World in Hong Kong.

Hans’ coffee-table books depict Asia in all its shades, textures and color. The iconic Bikes of Burden, an homage to the incredible load carrying motorbikes of Vietnam is an international bestseller.

More than 30 years after his initial foray into Asia Hans’ fascination with the vicissitudes of this vibrant continent has not diminished. Never short on ideas, from his current base Bangkok, Hans passionately continues to aim his camera at little known corners of this enervating and energizing part of the world for his next photography book or assignment.

A lone horseman rides into town at sunset in the town of Bayaan Ovoo, Mongolia - photography by Hans Kemp


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